Vulnerability Scanning

Where penetration testing seeks to find and exploit a security hole in the manner that a human adversary would, vulnerability scanning is an automated, mechanized search for known configuration and patchlevel problems. Regularly scheduled network and vulnerability scanning can help avert attacks on your network and help reduce the impact of successful ones. Where a pentest is thinking outside the box, the vulnerability scan makes sure a client’s network is protected against everything we already know, inside the box.

NovCon staff members can scan a network remotely via a VPN, or by sending an appliance to connect to the network. The team can perform one-time baselevel scans, or on a regular interval providing a report on each run.

Scanning software and appliance based on either OpenVAS or Nessus. Pricing for vulnerability scanning is on a per-job basis, and will depend largely on the client’s requirements for frequency, number of workstations and servers, specific software requirements and level of interaction.

Incident Response

A security breach can be a frightening experience. This event can be made even worse if you do not have the internal resources or expertise to investigate and determine the scope of the problem. We are staffed with the best and most experienced Incident Response personnel in the business. Our team will respond immediately and help you through your crisis.

Each of the NovCon partners has extensive experience in the realm of Incident Response, defending DoD and corporate networks, managing teams and resources and securing breaches. We can do the same for you.

NovCon staff members can work remotely, via a VPN or via a special hardware appliance that is overnighted to the victim network. They can either work on site, or work with your existing auditors on site, as NovCon’s eyes and ears.

NovCon staff will perform log analysis, system integrity checks, full network state inventories, policy audits on security devices and technologies employed by the victim network, and preserve forensic images of devices if necessary/requested. The team will work to discover the initial vulnerability as well as the attacker’s current foothold, because it is of no use to kick an attacker off the network when the initial vulnerability is still an open door.

The team uses a combination of cutting edge software and hardware, custom scripting and data management, and human analysis to bring a end to the intrusion as quickly as possible and turn the details of the event over to your auditors and to the client.

Incident Response Planning

Many organizations don’t have an incident response plan in place. Proper incident response should be an integral part of your overall security policy and risk mitigation strategy. Our expert consultants will work side by side with your organization to prepare a comprehensive incident response plan that will allow you to protect, detect, respond, and remediate a security incident.

Security Consulting

NovCon staff members offer general consulting services such as reviewing firewall rules, firewall and audit logs, traffic sampling and analysis, and simply answering security questions to give your clients peace of mind.

Information Security Training

You can have the most secure network in the world, but if your employees don’t know what social engineering and phishing are your organization may be more vulnerable than you think. Even a small amount of IT security awareness and training can go a long way toward improving the IT security posture of, and vigilance within, an organization. We will customize the training program to support the needs of your organization.