Jan 2014

2014: A New Year, A New Look

There’s a lot going on at the NovCon team right now, and we thought now would be a good time to give you an update.

First, welcome to the new website. Far more modern, streamlined, and safer too. New not just with a new design and new content, but new in what is also missing from the site. NovCon will still gladly execute general consulting and design contracts, but the team is now much more focussed on information security and the surrounding technologies. We’ve actually had this focus for many years now, but it is time to change our public facing information to match that focus.

Also, welcome to our new blog. We will not only be updating you on NovCon’s latest offerings and endeavors, but also posting commentary on industry happenings, articles for best practices, and information we think would be valuable to our customers and their industries.

Lastly, Minotaur’s reconstruction is under way, so if you’ve been wondering what is going on, we should have some answers soon. Minotaur was more than a sandbox, it was a research platform, and its rebirth needs to bring something of value to the community, and I think it will. There are many great technologies out there that have matured in the last few months, from Cuckoo to some of the great things being done with Hadoop and we want to be more than another running instance of these tools. Minotaur will bring some special glue to tie these tools together, and hopefully build a community of researchers to further the industry together.

We’re looking forward to a great year,

Dave Smith
NovCon CEO