NovCon Solutions LLC provides software and services in the Information Security industry. From tools that allow system administrators to audit their network to services including full-network penetration testing, NovCon has a range of offerings to fit your company’s infosec needs.

NovCon offers several information security related services including security consulting and penetration testing. A penetration test is when a team of offensive security professionals, known as a Red Team, attacks a clients network using many of the same tools and techniques as real-world black hat hackers. The results of this test are given to the client providing valuable information on what potential holes were found in their security posture, and recommended steps to mitigate them.

NovCon also participates in various research projects. The most prominent of these is the Minotaur Analysis system. Minotaur uses static and dynamic malware analysis engines as well as data feeds from our partners and other researchers to compile data on known malicious files and find valuable information such as command and control servers being used by bot herders to control victim machines.

Beyond Information security, NovCon also partners with other industry leading groups to provide infrastructure services for your company. NovCon is a Microsoft partner and cloud services reseller. Office365 takes away the worries and hassles of running your own infrastructure servers, such as Exchange, Sharepoint and Lync because Microsoft will run them for you. is NovCon’s partnership with GoDaddy to provide web hosting, SSL certificates, virtual private servers, dedicated services and more through GoDaddy’s world-class datacenters.